Green Rebozo/Shawl Woven w Feathers, Cecilia Bautista Caballero, Mexican, New

$ 549
  • Exquisite Hand Made Shawl with Feathers.
  • Measurements
  • Long- 93" (7 feet 9") including the feathers
  • Wide- 29-1/2" 
  • These types of shawls or rebozos are hand woven and hand stitched with real feathers.
  • These rebozos/shawls are especially made by Cecilia Bautista Caballero, an artist known throughout the world for her exquisite shawls. 
  • The shawl is a gorgeous hand woven cotton, Green color.
  • Cecilia has also added fringes on the shawl.
  • The ends of the shawl have had native bird feathers hand sewn one by one on to it.
  • These shawls take up to 2 months for Cecilia to make one.
  • The shawls are worn during special events in the villages.
  • She pulls out the webbed hem of a shawl called a rebozo. Two large stones hold the cotton fabric in place on a wooden table as she inserted the fuzzy quill of feather. Peering closely, eyes squinting, her tiny hands eased a needle through the tip, looping black thread around the feather and the fabric, adding to what promised to be a majestic creation. 

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