Ceramic/Pottery Figurine Mother/Child Mexican Fine Art

$ 224.99

Mexican Ceramic/Pottery Figurine & Child.  The ceramic mother and child are washed with a beautiful gold paint. (photos do not show the true bright gold)

Height- 16 1/2" (figurine only)
Height (with wood stand)- 17"
Wide- 10 1/2"
Wide with (Wood Pedestal)- 11 1/2"
Deep- 10"
Deep (with Wood Pedestal)- 11"

This exquisite piece of fine ceramic art was made in Guadalajara, Mexico.

The artist has textured the clay of the dress to look like cloth.

The shawl is shimmery and a striking gold color. (photos do not show the true bright gold)
She is wearing a white, silver and bronze necklace.

The figurine has been placed on a lovely piece of wood
The tag says Made in Guad (short for Guadalajara), decorated by hand and FEM.

This figurine will be an amazing addition for any collector of fine art.

Only 1 piece in stock!

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