Unique Mexican Catrina Clay Gold Figurine Day of The Dead

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  • Beautiful Gold Catrina with Flowers.
  • This Catrina is 16" tall.
  • She is 5 1/2" wide. (at its widest)
  • The Catrina is 3 1/2" deep.
  • This Catrina has handmade golden flowers throughout her dress.
  • The artist, Samuel Beccera, has hand made and hand painted this one of a kind Catrina.
  • The head separates from the body, making it easier to transport the Catrina.
  • Please note each beautiful detail.
  • This gorgeous Catrina is the creation of Samuel Becerra.  Samuel immigrated to the United States many years ago.  After losing his long time job, Samuel says, "through necessity", he discovered his talent for creating Catrinas and other kinds of pottery. He also is a talented singer, flute player and drummer. His talent is so well regarded that he has been hired in many schools to teach children traditional Mexican art, as well as traditional flute and drum playing.
  • Samuel begins with a large slab of raw clay and lets his imagination and hands decide what the Catrina will look like.  Samuel says he never knows what the end product will look like.
  • No Catrina will be the same.  Each will have a personality of it's own.
  • These Catrinas take a month to make!
  • We will make sure She is well packed and insured for shipping.
  • History of Catrinas:
  • Mexicans celebrate Day of the Dead or Dia de Los Muertos by bringing flowers, singing songs, and whatever the dead person loved while he/she was alive. This is a truly amazing evening to experience.
La Catrina as we know her originated with Jose Guadalupe Posada, considered the father of Mexican printmaking. Born in 1852, he apprenticed to a local print maker and publisher when he was just 14.  His famous black and white drawings depict the absurdity of taking life, and power-mad dictators like Porfirio Diaz, too seriously.

Posada's lyrical and theatrical political cartoons have delighted people throughout Mexico for more than a century and, because of their timeless expressive quality, many of the images continue to be published worldwide. "La Catrina," a skeletal woman fancifully dressed in a plumed floral bonnet, is among his most famous esqueleto.  He also wanted people to know that even the rich die as any commoner.

The skeleton figures in Posada's work all live a life of their own, actively pursuing the Revolution, or out for a bicycle ride, while dressed for a fancy ball, making them synonymous with the Day of the Dead.

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