Our love of the Art, Artists and Artisans of Mexico

We at Wandering Gypsy love the Art and Artist of Mexico, as we love Art in general from all sources and inspirations. We have grown up knowing famous Mexican Painters, Poets and Sculptors and have discovered many more as we have continued to study Art and Art History. 

Mexico has a long artistic history. Indigenous peoples; the Olmec, the Teotihuacan, Zapotecs, Mayans and Aztecs produced stunningly beautiful ceramic, obsidian and jeweled works of art. These early artists of the Pre-Hispanic period produced astonishingly beautiful works during the 3,000-year period between 1500 BC and 1500 AD. Ancient media included paper, stone, and ceramics. The fertility figurines, ceramic bowls, wall paintings, and jade sculptures, and other art they left behind still fascinate us today.
During the Colonial Period, the Spanish Conquistadors imposed European styles, tools, subjects, most commissioned art was religious, for churches and European trained native artists played a major role in the art of Mexico at that time. European influence in Art and Architecture remain in Mexico to this day.
The independence period, 1821 – 1911 used European styles and training to romanticize the indigenous people.
The Revolution sparked an explosion in Mexican art. The art made during the period of the revolution, encompasses a vast range of styles and techniques. The best known are the Muralists: Diego Rivera, Jose Clemente Orozco and David Alfaro Siqueiros—los tres grandes or ‘the big three’—played a leading role in constructing a national identity. Other styles emerged from the Mexican upheaval of bloody transformation from a colony to a dictatorship to a secular democracy. Francisco Goitia, engraver José Guadalupe Posada, photographer Tina Modotti and many other artists brought unique vision to the art of Mexico with many many towering works whose power must be seen to be appreciated.
The Power and Vitality of Mexican Art has reverberated up through the years, even today new incarnations appear, influenced by the drive for freedom and identity of the revolutionary period. We look for Art & Folk Art from Masters and New Talented Artists. We place the Art that we find, for sale on Wandering Gypsy. We hope you will be enthralled.


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